Chippewa Lake Park

I love history and especially local history. On top of that who doesn't enjoy amusement parks? Combine the two and we have Chippewa Lake Park.

What, Where, When...

Chippewa Lake Park is a now defunct amusement park located in Chippewa Lake, OH. The park opened in 1875 and operated for 100 years before being closed after the 1975 season. After one final private company picnic in 1976 the gates were shut for good. For the next 30+ years the park sat undisturbed as if someone just forgot to come back and open it up. The property was eventually purchased and leveled to make way for "Chippewa Landing" a resort on the banks of Chippewa Lake. The project however never got past the construction phase. Now the land is just a vacant dirt pile.

Why I Collect...

Why do I spend my hard earned dollar on items that are old, worn out, and possibly damaged? These are question many people have asked me. For me, it’s not about the money. I do not buy and item in hopes to sell it for more than I paid. I buy the items to protect them and enjoy them. To keep them. To preserve them for future generations. Stupid? Dorky? Waste of money? Well, maybe to some, but not to me.

My Collection

As part of my obsession with this old park I have been collecting items and information from the park. I am always looking for the next item to add so if you have something from the park and looking to sell please contact me.